Quiet Day, Lonely Day

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looking for a friend bear
Photo by Marina Shatskikh on Pexels.com

Today, I was admiring my boobs for a little bit and I have nothing to complain about at all!

woman lifting up her shirt to expose her breasts
My boobs have been getting bigger lately!

Anyway, I also like to wear these stockings that my lovely wife let me borrow. They tie right up perfectly and can be as tight as I want them!

woman wearing flowery panties and stockings tied up with string
I love the stockings my wife let me borrow!

Putting the stockings on reminds me that I wanna be tied up for a while.

I miss her so much.

By Gabrielle Merida

Gabrielle is just a little red-headed girl, all alone in the world. Won't you please come over and help keep her company?


  1. I find u on fetlife!! Write me back soon cuz I want to meet u and worship U like the goddess U are!

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