Thoughts I’m Having While Exploring Fetlife

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woman covering her breasts with her hand and with her long red hair
Don't you love my nails?

I’m sitting here by myself and looking around as a newbie on Fetlife and somethings already have me curious.

  • Does having a dick pic for a profile photo really work out well for you?
  • Do most of you take a lazy approach at introducing yourselves?
  • How do I sort through all the people vying for my time?

So far it’s been entertaining for me to lurk and see who actually bothers to seek my attention.

Silly bois.

nude woman sitting on couch hiding her breasts with her arms
I promise I am worth the effort

By Gabrielle Merida

Gabrielle is just a little red-headed girl, all alone in the world. Won't you please come over and help keep her company?

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